The Resilience Collaborative

Fostering Resilience for Mental Wellness

Resilience is the cornerstone of mental health and wellness.

The Resilience Collaborative is centered around educating others on the foundational knowledge and emotional management skills that help prevent general burnout, compassion fatigue, and post-trauma reactions. Our goal is to provide concepts and activities that build inner strength and healing.

What It's All About

Our Mastering Resilience Workbook

Begin your journey today in mastering resilience with our workbook, made with first responders in mind.

Exercise Strategies
As a first responder, you are (and will continue to be) consistently exposed to trauma. Discipline and self-mastery in the skills required to build mental resilience are essential to protecting your well-being and ensuring a long, successful career.
Developed By

Dr. Allison Agliata, PHD, BBC

and recognize how different types of trauma can impact your ability to navigate every situation.
of the basic human needs that create the foundation for emotional well-being.
you can use to meet and sustain those basic needs across different environments.
of emotional distress and use given strategies to manage your experiences.
with a framework that will help you employ the building blocks of mental resilience.